Reasons to Adopt Subject Centered Curriculum Development Approach

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 07:45 -- Umar Farooq

Reasons to Adopt Subject Centered Curriculum

Inspite of all has said in the article critical evaluation of subject based curriculum, following are the reason to adopt subject centered curriculum:

  1. It is not true that the child's thinking is not improved by the subject centered curriculum. this type of  curriculum is more appropriate for intellectual development. An individual learns to think as the physicist, botanist, and geologist and so on. If he cannot learn so to think, the fault is to be found in instruction and not in the curriculum pattern.
  2. The claim that it is fragmentary and compartmentalized is not true of the subject centered curriculum alone. No one can study any subject at once in any kind of curriculum. Some parts of it are emphasized, others are excluded. There is some sort of selection and whatever is selected is separate from other things. In a sense anything that is learnt is a fragment and it is a part of some larger unit of things.
  3. It provides maximum security for both the teacher and the student. The teacher knows what is expected of him to teach. The students also know what is expected of them i.e. how much they have to cover. This provides them with a constant source of security.
  4. It assumes a logically sound framework for the organization of subject matter used, of cause and effect principle in science and the chronological order of the historical events (may not be psychologically sound) but they assumed an order and are consistent to learning experiences, which might otherwise be disorder.
  5. Its evaluation is very easy. Achievement based testing is the only type of evaluation needed for the mastery of the subject matter.
  6. It has a bright future. Subject approach is useful for specialization in any branch of knowledge. The continued increase in the store of human knowledge will cause specialization to become more effective.