Critically Evaluate Subject Based Curriculum Development Approach

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 07:00 -- Umar Farooq

Critically Evaluate Subject Based Curriculum

Teacher exercises control over pupil experiences, activities and conduct. The teacher follows the decision of others with regard to the participation in planning and evaluation. The teacher makes rules for the classrooms. Here stern discipline by the teacher which demands a quite classroom atmosphere is the best situation for learning. Below is the criticism on subject centered curriculum development approach.

  1. It is compartmentalized and fragmentary. This means that there is no unity and continuity in subject matter. Each teacher is a specialist taking pride only in the knowledge of his own subject and disclaiming responsibility for any other subject. Here the learner requires only scraps of information.
  2. It ignores the interest and activities of the learner. There is an inefficient arrangement of content for learning and use. The subjects are logically organized.
  3. It divorced from current social problems. The students know more about what a few men had done in the past than about what the social aspirations of Pakistani people are.

Subject based curriculum development approach fails to develop habits of effective thinking. This curriculum places emphasis on mastery of conclusions of thought rather than upon the mastery of the processes on which the conclusion were derived. Therefore some critics claim that subject curriculum is largely responsible for uncritical tendencies. The usual assumption is that anyone who has mastered the facts can think effectively, but the evidence of investigation has rejected this assumption.