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While discussing the origin of the state, Aristotle mentions the institution of slavery. He finds slavery essential to a households and defends it natural and therefore, moral. It was rampant in his own time and regarded as part and parcel of national domestic economy. He justifies slavery on the grounds that there is natural inequality between men, there is natural rule of the superior over inferiors and hence the functions must be based on nature

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Plato introduces a new social order in which the ailing class in his Ideal State surrenders both its family and property rights for the sake of unity and integrity and the State.

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Plato wanted to bring to an end the prevailing degenerate conditions and political selfishness rampant in Athens, in order to save his beloved Athens from decay and ruin. He saw in justice the only panacea of saying Athens from degradation and decay and propounded his theory of justice.

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Below are the some points which elaborate critical evaluation of Plato ideal state, Theoretical concept of Plato State, Self-contradictory and Half Communism, Functional Specialization, Education System of Plato Ideal State, Concept of Justice, Rule of Philosophy

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Plato Ideal State is based on the following principles or features, Plato State is Functional Specialization, Plato System of Education, Justice in Plato Ideal State, Dominance of Philosophy, Monarchy is the Best form of Government, Communism, Ban on Arts & Literature, Sexual Equality

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Sovereignty is one of the most essential and unique features of the state. It is the ultimate and supreme law and policy making authority of the state. It is the soul of state. It is that element of the state, whit distinguishes the state from all, other associations.

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Following are the limitations, demerits and disadvantages of unitary state or government, Fails in Multi-Racial States, Urban Supremacy, Despotism in Government, Less Democratic

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Advantages of Unitary Form of Government, Following are the merits and advantages of Unitary State, Unitary System is Strong and Powerful, Simple Form of Government, Less Expensive