Post date: 05/07/2015 - 02:51

Social injustice definition says that it is a situation when some unfair practices are being carried in the society. Whatever unjust is happening is usually against the law and it might not be something that is considered a moral practice. Basically, social injustice occurs when the equals are treated in an unequal way and the unequals are treated in an equal way.

Post date: 06/05/2014 - 23:42

The word Aboriginal refers to those peoples of a country who are living there from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists. Aboriginal people of Canada play a vital role in formation of history and cultural identity. There are three main groups of aboriginal people in the country and their population is more than 1.6 million.

Post date: 05/27/2014 - 23:28

Every country on the face of globe faces some social issues and same is the case with the Canada. From past few years, the most alarming elements of the Canadian identity are the country’s social laws & policies. Laws and regulations that govern how Canadians citizens can live their lives, and what kind of government-guaranteed perks and benefits they enjoy, are among the top priorities of government.

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As drugs are available in several forms thus the drug addicts generally used the following methods for the usage of drugs. Smoking. Unburned particles of combustible-materials are called smoke this is done through mouth with cigarette or cigar etc. Inhalation. By this method drugs like heroine is put on a substance fire is given to heat up the heroine and its smoke is inhaled through a straw pipe.

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Depressants. Depressants are those, which are taken under the supervision of physician, may be beneficial in treating condition like anxiety, irritability and insomnia etc. when abused depressants drugs produce state of intoxication closely resembling alcohol. These drugs are not controlled by unlawful, that is even if compound are purchased over the counter they have dangerous effects on the user. Some depressants drugs are as follows.

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Following are the major causes of drug addiction. In biological cause the person does not start drug by himself but he is misdiagnosis of the doctor, e.g. when doctor prescribed painkiller or sleeping pills, the continued usage leads to addiction. Initially he start drug as treatment for medical problem, but after sometime he become addict to the drug.

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Unemployment is the most important cause of poverty. Those young men, who are unable to get jobs can do works of low standards available to them. They can work in farms. They can work in factories and in business centers at low wages. They feel shy to do so and consider these jobs to the below standards.

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Poverty means lacking of basic needs like clothing, shelter, food, health facilities. Poverty refers to limited resources and low standard of living which cannot fulfill the basic human needs.  Currently in India, Pakistan and other countries around the globe, poverty is a major social problem. Poverty can cause and leads the people to corruption, bribe, diseases, lack of education, domestic abuse, parental issues, unemployment, drug abuse etc.