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Following are the major part while preparing a questionnaire for research. Front page The questionnaire should have a front page with title and sub-title. It have the name of the investigator and the sponsoring organization or agency. Study and Consultation The investigator should have the relevant study of literature.

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Following are the qualities of a good questionnaire. The length of questionnaire should be proper one. The language used should be easy and simple. The term used are explained properly.The questions should be arranged in a proper way. The questions should be in logical manner. The questions should be in analytical form.

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Following are the types or forms of questionnaire structure, unstructured, hand delivered & mailed questionnaire. Structured Questionnaire is that one which has pre-determined questions with answers. The respondents only tick the correct answer in short term “yes” or “No”. It is also called pre-coded, closed restricted and categorical questionnaire.

What is Questionnaire
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Questionnaire contains a series of questions designed to gather particular information. It is used in different fields like business, sciences, and social sciences. It is a research instrument having sequence of questions with a purpose to get information from respondents and extract desired statistical data.

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Major steps in research process include Selection of Research Problem, Literature Review, Hypothesis, Research Design, Sampling, Data collection & analysis, Testing, Generalization & Interpretation