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Some theorists give a different explanation of the word “educate”. They say ‘e’ means out of and duco means to lead’ i.e. to educate means to lead forth or “to extract out” the best in man. This explanation presumes that all knowledge is inherent in children. Only methods are to be found out to tap their brains and the knowledge will automatically flow. Addison supports this view believing that education,

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When a thinker thinks about the educational problems and forwards his opinion about the same, he becomes a ‘philosopher’. It means that whenever a philosophical thinking is executed in the educational issues and concepts; and philosophical method is adopted ‘educational philosophy’ or “philosophy of education” comes into existence.

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Plato Ideal State is based on the following principles or features, Plato State is Functional Specialization, Plato System of Education, Justice in Plato Ideal State, Dominance of Philosophy, Monarchy is the Best form of Government, Communism, Ban on Arts & Literature, Sexual Equality

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Evaluation is based two philosophies one, traditional philosophy is that ability to learn is randomly distributed in the general population. It means that if some learning task is assigned to a class and then a test is administered to study their performance.

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According to this theory of social contract there are three stages through which human society passed and took the shape of the state. These are the three stages: A state of nature,The social contract and The civil society or the State

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The Scope of philosophy of education is unlimited. The formulation of aims and the objectives of education is the main responsibility of educational philosophy. For achieving the set objectives, specific curriculum and specific methods are needed.

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The relation of education with society and culture is very deep. Both are dependent on each other. The relationship between education and society has been summed up by the international commission on the development of education