Post date: 12/04/2013 - 07:50

Ned A. Flanders has recommend the following six steps simulated teaching Step I: Assigning the roles: In this step, the pupil-teachers are assigned the roles of teachers, student and observer respectively. The student-teacher has to play all three roles one after the other. Step II: Deciding the skills to be practiced: After assigning the roles, certain social skills are discussed which are to be practiced by student-teachers.

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Simulated play technique of teacher training is very important technique. Following are the simulated environment 1. Demonstration lesson 2. Discussion lesson 3. Teaching Practice teacher training colleges have to depend on schools. No doubt it is possible only in simulated environment schools are must for making the teacher successful. We have to face the following hurdles in the said practice.

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Cruick Shank has described the following advantages of simulated Teaching Method. 1. Student-teachers are helped in a variety of ways through simulated training. It helps in developing self-confidence among them. 2.This technique helps in linking theory with practice of teaching. 3. Student-teachers are given an opportunity to study and analyze critical teaching problems.

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Simulation means role-playing or rehearsal in which the process of teaching is carried out artificially. It is based on socio-drama. The main aspect of simulation in teaching is the introduction of a student-teacher to teaching in a non-stressful conditions. According to Webster's Dictionary, "Simulation is defined as giving the appearance of or effort of, to have characteristic".

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Simulation in teaching has recently entered the field of education. It is used at different levels of instruction. The teacher is trained practically and also imparted theoretical learning. The pupil teacher needs to be trained in simulated situations before sending him to the school for teaching practice. He has to play the role of teaching in artificially created environment.

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The following principles in team teaching are significant, 1. The size and composition of the group must be appropriate to its purpose. 2. The time allotted to any group must be appropriate to its purpose. 3. The learning environment must be appropriate to the activities of the group 4. The nature and extent of the supervision of the group activities depends upon the purpose of the group

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The Team Teaching idea originated in USA in 1954 and it found its way to develop courses. It a good innovation in teaching strategies. In simple words, it is the simplest form where all teachers of a subject collectively teach a class in that subject. There are some definitions by educationists.

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Simulation refers to imitation of a particular appearance, form or skill. In education this teaching strategy is mostly used in teaching training programs. It is better strategy than lesson-demonstration. It is mainly focused on 1. To develop social skills for playing the role of teacher in the class room 2. To achieve psychomotor objectives