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The French Constitutional Council ensures the regularity of the election of the President of the Republic and referendum procedure and announces the results thereof. It also decides the validity of the election of deputies and Senators. It investigates the complaints and declares the result of the vote. (Thus. it ensures the fairness of election and also decides the election disputes).

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The constitution of the 5th Republic has established a semi-judicial and semi-legislative institution in the form of Constitutional Council to look into semi-judicial and semi-legislative measures. The Articles from 54 to 63 of the constitution deals with the Constitutional Council. It was known as Constitutional Committee under the 4th Republic but under the 5th Republic its title was changed and its powers and functions have also been increased.

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Unlike the British Parliament, the French Parliament is not a sovereign law-making body. Its powers are limited. The subjects on which the Parliament can legislate have been enumerated in Article-34 of the constitution. After defining the scope of Parliament, Article-34 provides, the provisions of present Article maybe elaborated in details and amplified by organic law.

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The French constitution also provides for a bicameral legislature called the Parliament. Article-24 of the constitution declares, "The Parliament is composed of the French National Assembly & Senate". The Article from 25 to 33 describes the composition and functions of the Parliament. But the description is not complete and many things have been left to be determined by the organic law (Article-25).

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The constitution of the fifth Republic makes a distinction, though only an academia one, between the President and the government. The President is the head of the State with-important and real executive powers. The French government includes the Prime Minister and other, Ministers, who have the responsibility to run the administration of the government.

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The President of France is elected by direct suffrage. The US President is formally elected by an electoral college but in actual practice, his election has also become direct. Both the Presidents have fixed tenure and cannot be removed except by the process of impeachment make civil and military appointments nominate ambassadors to foreign countries

Powers & Functions of French President in French Constitution
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In French constitution the president of France is a constitutional head of state The French president signs laws, treaties, executive orders & ordinances. The President appoints Prime Minister and the other members of the government are appointed and dismissed by him on the advice of the Prime Minister.

french constitution notes and study material
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In 1958, France witnessed a grave and very critical situation. On June 1st 1958, the Fourth Republic came to an end. The National Assembly handed over its law-making power to Gen. De Gaulle and adjourned. Constitution making was one of the functions that had been assigned to De Gaulle's Government by the French Parliament. A small cabinet committee was formed to draft a constitution, which it prepared within two months.