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On 27th October 1958, after a decade long political turmoil in the country, the army took over and General Ayub Khan became the chief Marshal Law administrator and Field Marshal. He was welcomed by the people of the country. On the first anniversary of his government, on 27th October, 1959, General Ayub Khan addressed the nation and announced the introduction of a new system of government or basic democracies system

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In a Parliamentary system the legislative and the executive department of the government are very closely related and are interdependent for the performance of governmental functions. Under this system there is no separation of the legislative and the executive departments.

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Below are the advantages of democracy, Democracy is Welfare of the People, Democracy is Based on Equality, It Stands for Liberty and Equality, Efficient Form of Government, Ensures Stable Government

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The following are the demerits or disadvantages of democracy Democracy is Impracticable, Rule of Ignorance, Democracy is Impossible, Modern Democracy is Capitalist and Imperialist, Wrong Use by Political Parties, No Stable Government

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Democracy is a system of government which is based on the will of the people. In order to know which state or government is democratic, we have found out the following tests:

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A number of writers have also commented on three aspects of democracy e.g. Ordinary Democracy, Economic Democracy, Social Democracy

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Man has a dynamic nature. He is always in search of something that is better. Even in political field man has made many experiments. The idea behind all these experiments was to find a kind of government under which state's sovereignty and individual's liberty would remain balanced. The latest experiment is known as Democracy.