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The world social survey was firstly used by heredities during 300B-C for population study in Egypt. Secondly it was used John Howard for prisons and prisoners in Wales and England. French reformers also undertaken it for the conditions of workers after industrialization Row tree used for economic conditions in U.S.A in 1936 and 1988. Shelley Harrison used for interconnected social problems in 1914.

advantages and disadvantages of case study method
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Following are the advantage of case study Method Intensive Study,  No Sampling, Continuous Analysis, Hypothesis Formulation, Comparisons, Increase in Knowledge. It gives the analytical power of a person to increase knowledge about a social phenomena.

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    The credit of introducing case study method of data collection goes to Frederic Leplay, an English philosopher. Herbert Spencer adopted it and Healey was the first who supported this method and studied Juvenile Delinquency. Later on sociologists, Anthropologists, Ethnologists and other researcher were interested in the study of various cultures by case study method.

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    Advantages of Sampling Method include Reduce Cost. It is cheaper to collect data from a part of the whole population and is economically in advance, Greater Speed. Sampling gives more time in collection of data, so it is quickly and has a lot of time for collection of inflammation, Detailed Information. Investigator during studying a small universe provides a detail and comprehensive information’s

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    Non probability sample does not involve random selection and sampling like probably sampling. So we can say that it is not necessary to respect the population. Unlike probability sampling, it does not depend on rationale of probability theory. With probabilistic technique we can have a close look on population. With non-probability technique it is not obvious to represent the population well and how accurate we are.

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    In probability sampling each element has a probability of being including in sampling. It means that in probability sampling, the selection sample from the universe has an equal chance to all the members. There are four types of Probability Sampling. Simple random sampling, Stratified random sampling, Systematic sampling, Cluster or multi-stage sampling

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    Sample” is a part of the whole universe selected for the study while “sampling” is the method used for the selection of a simple. According John Meadge: “A sample is a part of the whole universe. While sampling is a process of selecting a part from the whole universe to make the investigation or study more easier.