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The cultural goals have cultural values therein. These cultural values carve cultural goals for the people to strive and achieve. These goals cherish interest and attitude of the people toward attainment. To attain these goals, individual and collective efforts of the people are directed toward achievement. Their activities lead them toward acceptance of various changes in life.

cultural factors influencing social change: sociology notes
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Some of the cultures provide a condition for resistance to change. The customary ways of life and cultural values have been laid so deeply in their nature that any external element does not find a room as to become a part of their culture. Such a way of life does not accept social change due to cultural inertia. Nomadic people wandering from one part of the region to another and contacting people of various regions stick to their own cultural ways.

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The institutions of technology change first in their various aspects of using implements, tools, weapons, which later change our industries in various fields. Technological advancement is applied in the expansion of industrialization toward transportation (trains, cars, buses, aero planes, cycles and others), medicine (X-Rays, operation tools, certain disease detecting machines like ultrasound) and dental surgery

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It is the nature of culture which directs social change. There are cultures around the world which encourage social change in technology, others in biological factors of the individual, and some in other cultural factors. The Western culture directs social change towards industrialization, The Western advanced societies lay their cultural emphasis upon technological and industrial expansion.

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Discovery. It is a shared human perception of an aspect of reality which already exists.  In other words, It is the noticing of something to which no attention was previously paid, although it existed. According to Linton defines it is addition to knowledge. Some of the example of discovery are custom of marriage, ceremonies of worship etc. Finding facts in research is discovery.

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Society strives its continuity and existence according to the environmental conditions of its surrounding. People have been descending down from generation to generation with the addition of new ideas and objects. This dynamic process of society enhances culture with refreshment and for every generation a new culture than for the previous. A stagnant society is dead but there is none today how so primitive it may be.