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The word Aboriginal refers to those peoples of a country who are living there from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists. Aboriginal people of Canada play a vital role in formation of history and cultural identity. There are three main groups of aboriginal people in the country and their population is more than 1.6 million.

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There are 196 independent countries in the world, among them 193 are the members of the United Nations but three are not. Those three countries which are not member of UN are Vatican City, Kosovo and Taiwan (China claims that Taiwan is simply a province of China). Every independent country on the face of globe has its own rules & Regulations, Language, Culture, Customs & Etiquette and same is the case with Canada.

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Every country on the face of globe faces some social issues and same is the case with the Canada. From past few years, the most alarming elements of the Canadian identity are the country’s social laws & policies. Laws and regulations that govern how Canadians citizens can live their lives, and what kind of government-guaranteed perks and benefits they enjoy, are among the top priorities of government.

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The cultural goals have cultural values therein. These cultural values carve cultural goals for the people to strive and achieve. These goals cherish interest and attitude of the people toward attainment. To attain these goals, individual and collective efforts of the people are directed toward achievement. Their activities lead them toward acceptance of various changes in life.

cultural factors influencing social change: sociology notes
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Some of the cultures provide a condition for resistance to change. The customary ways of life and cultural values have been laid so deeply in their nature that any external element does not find a room as to become a part of their culture. Such a way of life does not accept social change due to cultural inertia. Nomadic people wandering from one part of the region to another and contacting people of various regions stick to their own cultural ways.

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Societies have been classified in terms of their highest level is political integration, that occurs in terms of the nature of the political structure & authority. An eminent Anthropologist, Elman Service, classified societies into four kinds. Band, Tribes, Chiefdom and State

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In every society there are some limits of prohibitions of sexuality. However in some other societies incest taboo is permitted like in “ancient Egyptians. They practiced marriage between brother and sister in the royal families. This is also practiced in Saha Tribe of Columbia and North America.

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Elementary family is a unit of social structure through which kinship system is build up. It consist of a man, his wife and children. The elementary family creates the following three types of relations.Relations between husband & wife. Relations between parents & children. Relations between the children of the same parents. In a kinship system there are so many elementary families which. Constitutes different orders of relations.