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Primary groups are primary in the sense that the members within are emotionally attached together sharing their basic ways of life with one another. In the basic affairs of life which are most essential for a social life those who fall into mutual sharing of one another form a group prime in importance called Primary group. Emotions, attitude, ideas and habits of individuals develop within this.

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We may classify social groups from various viewpoints. If we consider size as the criterion, the single person as a focus of group relationship is 'monad' two involved in interaction to affect its organization is 'dyad' and 'triad' with the participation of three. The primary group is primary in the sense that the members are emotionally attached together sharing their basic ways of life with one another.

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A group is became social when interaction interplays among its participants. Social interaction is its basic condition. People walking in markets, in fairs, travelling in train are not social groups. Because social interaction among them does not exist. Two persons, in Amsterdam and New York, having interaction on telephone form it although they are far away from each other. Therefore social interaction is the basic condition of social groups.

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The suspension of rivalry between the parties for temporary or permanent period is accommodation. In this process of accommodation, the issue may not be settled, but for the time being they terminate their rivalries activities and come to an agreement toward some joint effort without open hostility.

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According to Fairchild, "Conflict in sociology is a process or situation in which two or more human beings or groups seek actively to threat each other's purposes, to prevent each other's interests, even to the extent of injuring or destroying the other". It may be organized or unorganized, transitory or enduring, physical, intellectual or spiritual.

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There are two types of communities Rural and Urban communities, due to different social conditions in both rural and urban areas.