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Society makes various types of social control depending on the social situations. In primitive societies beliefs and superstitions are enough for the control. In rural areas folkways, norms, beliefs, customs and traditions are used as means social control, while in modern societies formal agencies like police

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Social control is the basic mean of social solidarity and conformity rather than deviance. It controls the behavior, attitudes and actions of individuals to balance their social situation. Man is born free but in chains everywhere he lives. A person living in a society has to adopt certain rules and regulation.

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Before going to why sociology as a science discussion first we will examine that what is science and what are the main features of science, then we will measure all these qualities with the discipline of sociology. If these characteristics were present in sociology, it would be called as science other not.

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Cultural diffusion is the achieved cultural transmission. The process of diffusion is due to the spread of cultural traits. Both the material and non-material cultural traits transmit from one society to another. Material traits spread quickly while non-material takes more time and spread gradually.

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Relationship between Sociology and Psychology: Psychology is the study of mind. It leads with the psychological process of human like thinking, learning and remembering.  Modern psychologists also studies motivation, emotion and feelings of a person. Sociology studies the socialization of man and the psychological factors responsible for personality development.

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The basic elements of community are locality, Sentiments, Group of people, Common life, Particular Name, Permanence. Locality means a community occupies a territorial area permanent or changing. The people are having belonging to their locality and develop "we" feeling with each other.

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Following are the characteristics of society. It is a largest human group. It satisfies the needs of its members. It is having sense of belonging and cooperation. It is more or less permanent association

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The start of has been taken by the Greeks while they consider man as a social animal. The modern sociology was discovered by August Comte. He called sociology “Social Physics”. Sociology definition by Kingsley Davis, "sociology as a general science of society".