Post date: 10/07/2012 - 01:53

Different approaches of community development are as under: 1. External Agent Approaches 2. Multiple Approaches 3. Inner Resource Approaches

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Community Development is an evolutionary way of change from the traditional life to the progressive way to life.  According to Sanders there are four elements of community development. Community Development as a Process, as a Method, as a Program & Community Development as a Movement

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Community development programs were slowly and gradually developed in Pakistani society due to its rigidity, traditionalism and resistance. The change started with the development technology, economy and other changes in community people as well as in cities and villages.

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Concept of community development has come from about two hundreds years. The democratic political revolution of France and Britain as well as the Second World War played a vital role in the existing of community development.

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Like other development countries Asian countries are also facing a variety of social problems for which a specific solution is required to trace these problems in a social situation. We have to use the techniques of community development upon its people. Following are the main aims and objectives of community development:

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Erickson specified the personal and social tasks that a person must accomplish as well as the risks that a person confronts, if a person fails at the task of that particular stage. According to Erikson theory of child development, every man in the society will go through the following 8 stages.

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Simply sociology is the study of society. Our society is web of social institutions. These institutions are interrelated and interlinked with one another. The interest of sociology is to explain these institutions, which is its subject matter. There scope of sociology is very wide while it is a youngest social science in its initial stage.

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If comes to change there are sources which are greatly responsible for change. The first source is unsystematic and unique factors day or night, climate, existence of people or groups. The second source is systematic factors like if we need sound development there must be a stable and flexible government and system as well as different social organization.