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Researchers generally agree that the population of the United States can be divided into the upper class, middle class, working class and lower class. The following gives typical characteristics of members of each social class in the United States. It must be recognized,

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We can define community as a larger group of individuals living together for a long time in a locality having common interest, goals, ways of life and norms etc. and meeting out most of their needs from local social institutions. Rural community is an area which is under development and not civilized, based on geographical conditions.

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There are three main sources of social change i.e. 1. Cultural base 2. Change in population structure and 3. The extraordinary gifted persons

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Following are the theories of social change 1. Cyclic Theory of Social Change  2. Dialectic Theory of Social Change

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Culture is a very wide term which covers the entire activities, ways of thinking, behaving and many other things ranging from very simple to the most complicated learned behavior and the products of learned behavior. The man made environment can be divided into 1. Material Culture 2. Non-Material Culture

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The types of social norms are the following 1. Folkways 2. Mores 3. Laws. Folkways are man's actions repeated by him in his habit and a repeated behavior by group of people in a custom. The usage of folkways regulating our behavior is the mores.

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Social norms clearly define the roles of the individuals or people in different situations hence these social norms are the codes of mutual relationship. These norms draw a line between what is right and what is wrong. The social norms guide our interaction patters on one hand and are reproduced during the same process.

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Society is a group of people living together for a longer time fulfilling various needs of the people. Society is the product of social relationship among individuals. They come in contact with each other through the process of give and take.