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The concept of community organization was developed in the United States to involve various organization and institutions to meet the basic needs of the community people. Community organization as a method used to make efforts and directed towards community needs.

Post date: 11/02/2012 - 07:56

All societies have some system of social stratification. They may be categorized as: Open Societies and Closed Societies

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Merwill has pointed out the following characteristics of institutions. 1. The first characteristics of Social institutions, these are patterns of behaviour grouped about the central needs of human beings in a society. 2. In all societies the institution of family plays an important and central role.

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Society is the combination of individuals. These individuals have their various needs which they want to be satisfied. For this purpose people behave in a customary way which is controlled by social norms. This participation of people for the attainment of their various needs develop social institutions.

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Following the main hindrances to social mobility, 1. Joint family system 2. Illiteracy 3. Poor economic condition 4. No desire for change

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Many structural and social factors determine just how much opportunity for mobility exists in a society for an individual or group of individuals. Important causes and factors of social mobility: Gender, Education, Social Change, Urbanization and Industrialization, Transportation and Communication

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The term "social mobility" refers to the movement of individuals from one social class to another. Individuals may move up or down, or remain at the same level but in a different occupation.

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The social class into which one is born has a profound influence on one's entire life. One faces more disadvantages and fewer life chances at the bottom of the social stratification system. One’s mental health, education, occupation, political behavior, religious affiliations, social participation