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The basic functions of institutions are following: 1. Reproduction, 2. Socialization Function, 3. Sense of Purpose, 4. Preservation of Order, 5. Transmission of Culture, 6. Personality Development

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An American Sociologist William Fielding Ogburn suggests that social change occurs in culture and cultural evolution is the result of the following is the process of of social change which includes: Invention, Accumulation, Diffusion and Adjustment

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Sociology is a branch of knowledge which has some unique features. It is different from other sciences in several respects. From studying those characteristics will help one to understand the field of sociology. Below are the essential characteristics of sociology.

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Assimilation is the integration of two dissimilar cultures into a single culture comprising characteristics of both. When a minority ethnic group is assimilated into the dominant culture, the minority group loses its distinctiveness.

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The main principles of community organization are as following which work to present a framework for the succession of community organization.

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The origin of the word caste found differently. Some says that “caste” meaning lineage. In other books it is written that it is from Spanish word “Casta” meaning breed or race. It means that the people of the same caste belonging to the same race.

Issues in Sociological Research
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Because the sociologists are dealing with human subjects and with varying lifestyles, personalities, values, and traditions, he encounters research problems that are often very different from those faced by the natural scientist. 1. Changing Conditions in Sociological Research 2. Ethical Considerations in Sociological Research

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Community organization is a process which dealing with the welfare of individuals or groups to meet their needs.. he main aim and objective of community organization is to bring adjustment between the resources available and felt needs of the people.