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That marriage in which all the blood relatives and members of the same kinship are prohibited to marry one another. The marriage would be practiced outside one’s group, class or caste. Simple exogamy is in practice in the Indian tribes and North American. According to a survey 83% people practice exogamy in these tribes.


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Poly means “many” and “andry” means “husbands”. Polyandry type of marriage in which one woman can marry with many men at a time. The single wife has many husbands. This is not popular type and is uncivilized in many societies of the world. Non- fraternal Polyandry. One woman can marry with many men but that is not necessary that these husbands would be brothers.

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The mode of marriages in Indian tribes is different as compare to the civilized societies. Indian tribal marriages were in practice in the most primitive societies.  Marriage by purchase is the most common type of marriage in participative societies for securing bride. Here cash money, bride price or compensation is paid to the bride family by the husband side or bridegroom. This money is considered as the wealth of the women for her prestige in society.

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Endogamy is the combination of two Greek words. Endo means “within” or “intra” and gamy means “to marry”. So, Endogamy is intra marriage or inside marriage. Therefore, endogamy is the type of marriage which takes place within the some group class, caste, family, religion, tribe etc. both the partners belong to the some class or caste. Endogamous marriage is that which is controlled by the some group.

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Children production and their socialization are the social as well as biological aims. Children are the source of the continuation of family and lineage. Male and female have the desire to reproduce children and become parents. The married person has high social status and prestige in a society which is gained by him in the alliance of marriage. It also strengthened the bonds of the kinship and its extension with other families.

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Marriage in the real sense is the acceptance of a new status with a new set of obligations recognized by other people. Wedding ceremonies are held for the tie of marriage. Marriage is a socially recognized universal institution which is found is every society. It is a social contract of two opposite sexes for the satisfaction of physical, biological, social, psychological and spiritual needs of males and females.

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Imitative magic is based on similarity. It is the idea that like produce like”. In imitative magic the magicians acts similarly to the desired result. For example if anyone to be make torture, his statue is to be beaten on the head in the hope that it will become mentally tortured. Contagious magic is based on the principles that things or persons which come once is contact to one another can influence each other after separation.

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The concept of magic is very old and is found in different tribes of the world. It is different from the religion in the sense that, in religion one is supposed to pray for help from super-natural power while in Magic a magician tries to force the supernatural power to help him.