Basics of Sociology

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To describe the structure of personality, Freud developed a comprehensive theory known as psycho analytic theory. According to Freud’s theory human mind (psyche) is composed of three parts, each with different functions, properties, components, operating principles, dynamics and mechanics. Freud considered human personality as composed of an id, ego and superego.

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Accoring Piaget theory humans like other organisms, adapt to their environment. This means that they orient their thinking and actions to the things and problems in the environment thus the child must cope with the environment outside the womb which is a totally changed environment. The child knows how to suck, grasp and make noise so this adaptation is the first step to cognitive development.

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George Herbert Mead (1863-1931) was a symbolic integrationist who agreed with Cooley that the self developed during social interaction. Mead considered the generalized others to be general cultural norms and values society take as their own. Meads says that children learn to take the role of others. At first children accept the attitude of specific people.

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In 1902 Charles Horton Colley presented the theory of looking glass self is a social psychological concept which is interested in how a biological person becomes a social person. He realizes that this involves the process of socialization. He states that infants have no conception of the world as being separate from themselves. This understanding is linked to the learning of language.

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Sigmund Freud was a physician who proposed the most controversial theory of psychosexual development which points to personality development over the course of childhood. According to Freud theory parents perform a crucial role in their children’s sexual and aggressive derives.

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America is supposed to be the land of dreams where any working man can strive and achieve the same status as any privileged can possess. But with social injustice in America at an all-time high, this dream seems to be falling apart at the seams. Social injustice is simply another form of injustice, albeit at the level of society where the form of protest never truly reaches the national policy makers.

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Social injustice definition says that it is a situation when some unfair practices are being carried in the society. Whatever unjust is happening is usually against the law and it might not be something that is considered a moral practice. Basically, social injustice occurs when the equals are treated in an unequal way and the unequals are treated in an equal way.

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These are also known as physiological motives and very important for the survival. These are natural and exist at the time of birth. These are activated due to imbalance in the body and maintain state of equilibrium.

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In psychology, emotional expressions are both verbal and nonverbal behaviors which describe internal state and take palace with or without self-awareness People express their emotions simultaneously across several channels like facial expression, laughing, crying etc.

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It is not necessary that all contraceptive methods are suitable, and all these birth control techniques depends on women’s age and health, their sexual activity, willingness for children and any diseases. One should consult doctor before adopting any type of contraceptive method. There may have some risks associated with these methods. Different types of contraceptives are used in family planning to control the population.