Basics of Sociology

 relationship between demography & geography
Post date: 07/31/2013 - 02:43

Geography is concerned with the relationship of human beings with their environment. It studies the how the people cope and influence with their environment. It is concerned with the behavior of an individual in a particularly area. So, demography is the study of the human population in a particular place in a particular time. Both are closely related to each other.

compare demography and biology
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The intimate relationship between demography and Biology is pointed out by Hutchison and Dewy, called biology as bio-demography

problems of population
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important problem of population are given by Warren S. Thompson as under. 1. What are the changes `that takes place in the size of population and how are these changes brought about? 2. Where the people found and what are the changes taking place in their distribution in communities and other areas?

Post date: 07/30/2013 - 04:56

Demography and population studies are the same. The study of human population is known as population studies or demography literally speaking, demography is the combination of two Greek words “Demo” means people and “graphy” means to write or draw. So, it is the science of population. Population studies is concerned with the whole study of population.

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The importance of demography is clear for its scope. Since its scope is increasing which already leads to it importance. Demography is concerned with the growth and distribution of population in less developed countries as well as underdevelopment and developed countries.

aspects of demography
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Basically demography is the study of population and population is studied in the form of its size. Demography studied that how the size of the population is in en area? In India population census are undertaken after every ten years. The demographers of different countries trying to find out the size of the population of their countries.

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The scope of social demography has classified into two sections macro-demography and micro-demography. Macro-demography includes the study of systems, cultures and societies on a large scale. While the micro-demography including the individual and the family as a unit of the large society. Both types study of growth distribution and redistribution of the population at large as well as at small level.

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The scientific nature of demography is pointed out by “Irene Taeuber” that the improved data, new techniques and precise measurement of the demographic transition has become science rather than literature. Grauman also emphasized that demography is both abstract science and applied technology.

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According to Benjamin Demography is concerned with the measuring of the past and future population change and for this purpose the demographers must quantify the elements of fertility, mortality and migration as well as social and economic influences.

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The term demography was first used by Guillad in 1855, while the beginning of demography traced from John Graunt, who is the father of “Demography”. He wrote an essay on the natural and political observations made upon the bills of mortality in 1662. He presented what is known as analysis-approach while malt us presented, what is known as problem approach.