Principles of Community Organization

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 07:37 -- Umar Farooq

Introduction to Community Organization

Community organization is a process through which welfare needs of a community met, it is the method used for the combination of resources and needs. The whole community is treated as a unit. It is a struggle of some organization to empower the resources of community for the solution of the problem.

Principles of Community Organization

The main principles of community organization are as following which work to present a framework for the succession of community organization.


It is the acceptance of community by a social organizer, when the goes to the field, he must meet with people of various cultures and groups. He should have to explain his interests in the community welfare. He has to accept the hinders and face the difficulties in the way of progress. Instead of helplessness he should have to adopt patience and work for the better of people. He must keep the people within the convinced boundary and bring their attention to the resources and the solution of basic problems.

To Understand Resources and Needs

The community organizer must have to explore the internal as well as the external resources of the people. He must not impose his work on the people but to start his work regularly and calmly. He should introduce the people with the problems faced by them and to bring solution for these problems through the utilization of their own resources.

Community Self Determination

Self determination is necessary in community. The people of community must be provided freedom to explain their views and the organizer not impose its own over them. To create self determination among the people, community organization required to know them better about their resources and needs because people know well about those things from outside people.


To recognize the dignity of each individual a social organizer must create an environment of awarding to them. The individual is necessary to know his duty and responsibility about the social welfare. So, the idea of individualization creates awareness among the people to work better for the community. A community organizer inculcate the people that they can do every thing as a human beings and there is a human being and no difficulty in your way of progress.

Freedom within Limits

The organizer should give freedom but within limits to make decision, show their interest and give proper attention to the problems. So, freedom should be within limits for the members of a community to pace on the way of progress and prosperity

Functional Organization

There should be formal as well as informal leaders for the better functioning of organization. These people should be prepared to make their organization successful and well functioning. Because of organization speed the people will be able to chase the problems bitterly and solve them.

Diffusion of Responsibilities

The responsibilities must be diffused among the people of community. Every one is responsible to fulfill his duty within the jurisdiction of community. These responsibilities should be divided among them to construct a progressive development in the community.

Progressive Program Experience

Any program which has been start must be progressive in experience. The problems should be highly chased and for this task experienced social mobilizer is required. So, the most experienced organizer will be the programs will be progressive and experienced.

People Participation in Decision Making

It is extremely necessary the participation of all the members of the community equally in making decisions. If they are not included it will lead to frustration among them.

Resource Mobilization

Community organizer must mobilize the internal and external resources of the community. For this purpose, the talents and potentialities must be organized and a nature of cooperation should be developed in them for unity and integration. When people become organize the resources must be utilized.


Community organizer should evaluate the efforts made by him through various programs, plans and organization. He should have to find out the gaps and take positive steps to bridge them. Evaluation is possible only when the community system is developed by the organizer of the community.

As a nation if we utilize our resources properly and follow the above mentioned principles of community development, we will be able to become a progressive and prosperous nation of the world. We will change our life as well as the whole country through these principles.