Aims and Objectives of Community Organization

Sat, 11/03/2012 - 08:27 -- Umar Farooq

Community organization is a process which dealing with the welfare of individuals or groups to meet their needs. It is an art of directing people talents and potentialities to the discovery of basic needs and resources. The idea of community organization is that of mobilizing resources to meet needs, coordinating the efforts of welfare agencies and building welfare program. 

Objectives of Community Organization

The main aim and objective of community organization is to bring adjustment between the resources available and felt needs of the people. Special objectives of community organization are following:

  1. To get information about the resources and needs
  2. To arouse the people to work for the welfare of the community
  3. To create sounds ground for planning and action
  4. To create a sense of cooperation integration and unity among the people
  5. To motivate the people to take better participation in the developing community programs
  6. To highlight the causes of various problems affecting the community and hinder the way of progress and development
  7. To implement programs required for the fulfillment of people basic needs
  8. To develop better understanding among the people about the issues and needs.
  9. To mobilize the resources to create a suitable ground for the basic needs completion and eradication of problems.
  10. To bring coordination between the individuals, groups and organization to focus their point and challenge their objectives for fulfillment
  11. To launch necessary reforms in the community for eradication of community evils.
  12. To develop democratic leadership among people through their participation in community programs
  13. To develop the idea of ability and better thinking to work for the betterment of community.
  14. The basic aim and objective of community organization is to abolish the differences among individuals, develop spirit of common interest and sacrifice and also participate collectively in community programs.
  15. To organize the people for the promotion and progress of community.

Last but not the least, the main aim and objective of community organization is to organize the people to identify their resources and try to solve their basic needs through mobilization.