Introduction to Community Organization Meaning & Definition

Sat, 11/03/2012 - 08:03 -- Umar Farooq

Introduction to Community Organization

The concept of community organization was developed in the United States to involve various organization and institutions to meet the basic needs of the community people. Community organization as a method used to make efforts and directed towards community needs. It develops integration within the community and helps the people to cooperate each other. It is a democratic method which belief is the equality of all men and women and dignity provide to individuals. It works in the community to develop the living standard of people through their own resources and activities. They motivate the people and inculcate the idea of promotion and progress is community.

Meaning of Community Development

Community development means the adjustment of resources and needs with one another. Or these organizations are those welfares which are undertaken by the members of that community for the use of resources and needs fulfillment.

Definition of Community Organization

Following are some of the definitions of community organization

According to Marry, It is to identify needs and takes action to develop cooperation, attitudes and practice.”

Walter is on the view that it helps the people to recognize their basic needs and to try to meet these needs within the community.

Community organization is a process by which the people are directed to use their efforts for the community in order to meet their basic needs.