Characteristics of Rural and Urban Community

Tue, 10/16/2012 - 09:54 -- Umar Farooq

What is Community

We can define community as a larger group of individuals living together for a long time in a locality having common interest, goals, ways of life and norms etc. and meeting out most of their needs from local social institutions. The examples of community are village mohallah in rural urban area.

Characteristics Rural Community

Rural community is an area which is under development and not civilized, based on geographical conditions. The characteristics of rural community are following:

  1. Rural area is sparsely populated because many people leaves rural areas and settles in the urban areas for more facilities.
  2. These society has homogeneity. in its profession that is their only source of earning is agriculture and this is transmitted from generation to generation.
  3. There is homogeneity in dress, language and customs. It means all these remain same because their culture is same they belong to the same area.
  4. These areas have got slow means of communication.
  5. Rural areas have very slow rate of change because of lack of education and modern technology.
  6. Areas have got simple culture transmitted from generation to generation.
  7. Rural areas have got informal social life that is they spent their life in a. simple way.
  8. Rural communities have got strong relationships and interactions of the people. It means that they help each other in distress and shares the happiness.
  9. In such areas there is less rate of pollution because there are no factories and mills and the number of automobiles is less.
  10. In such areas people shows great hospitality to their guests and treat them as a member of a family.

Characteristics Urban Community

Urban community is an area which is developed and civilized, based on geographical conditions. The characteristics of urban community are following:

  1. Urban society is thickly populated because many people comes from rural areas and settles down here for better facilities of life.
  2. This society has homogeneity in profession it means that there are many professions through which people can earn.
  3. In urban areas there is difference in dress, language and customs because there are a variety of people having different backgrounds.
  4. have got fast means of communication that is they Gets aware of what is happening around the world rapidly.
  5. The areas have got fast rate of change because of education and modern technology.
  6. These areas have got complex culture because of mixing of other cultures in it.
  7. Urban areas have got formal social life.
  8. Urban areas have got weak interactions and ties on the basis of their complex.
  9. In these areas there is high rate of pollution because of factories and automobiles.
  10. In urban areas people are not much gracious to their guests because of their busy life.