Approaches of Community Development

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 01:53 -- Umar Farooq

Different approaches of community development are as under:

1. External Agent Approaches

2. Multiple Approaches

3. Inner Resource Approaches

1. External Agent Approaches

The appointment of an external agent for the development of community program is the best approach. He convinces the people through his personal skills and experience and motivate them to work for the development of community. He identifies various problems and seek suitable solutions for it. He organize the people discuss the situation, arrange meetings, forms committee and village councils to highlight the hinders in the developmental procedures. At last this person presents a policy for the community and the whole society adopt it for development. The external agent approach is also called managerial approach.

2. Multiple Approaches

In this approach the community development experts try to provide various facilities including health, education, sanitation, recreation etc to control the causative factors in the way of community development. The basic philosophy of multiple approaches is to convert centuries into decades. The adaptation process must be kept in mind and the values, traditions, beliefs, and norms should be care. Slowly and gradually development must be given to the community.

In this approach some members are selected from the whole community. They try to make a combined policy for the improvement and betterment of the people. This approach is also called Representative approach because these people work in community as representatives of the whole locality.

3. Inner Resource Approach

In this approach the local people are encouraged and motivated to use their resources for the improvement of the areas. These people are guided by the representatives of the community through various programs working internally. They arrange meetings discussions, give suggestions and agreements in the community. So, the people should motivate to improve the living standard of the whole community by using their internal resources.

This inner approach of community development is also called participatory approach because the people actually take part in the progress and promotion process. This participation of the members is to utilize their skill and knowledge for the betterment of community.