History and Concept of Community Development

Sat, 10/06/2012 - 07:48 -- Umar Farooq

Concept of Community Development

Concept of community development has come from about two hundreds years. The democratic political revolution of France and Britain as well as the Second World War played a vital role in the existing of community development.

The above three events were the major reasons for the emergence of community development. After the heavy destruction in these occasions, the community filed with social problems for which rehabilitation and construction was felt. From that point the sociologists, anthropologists, social workers and technocrats were activated to develop a program named community development program for the assistance and cooperation of the community people. The development of the community is not possible without the participation of the people. Community development is essential for national as well as international development for his purpose various countries launched community development program in the multi sector of under developed countries.

The development of community is not so easy, it required full zeal, time and work determination. The word community was first introduced by UK at the “As Bridge Conference” in 1945. In this year IMF was also established for mass education. The main purpose was to give loans to the poor and needy countries for developmental purpose.

During Second World War community development programs were started for the rehabilitation of the affected and victims. In 1940-1945 World Bank introduced to give loans. In 1950 USA introduced technical assistance program for the assistance of rural areas.

During the same year United Nations also study community development and in 1951 with the instructions of USA and United Nations started technical assistance and ICA (International Cooperation Administration) programs. In 1953 other agencies of United Nations began to introduce coordination development programs all over the world.