Aims and Objectives of Community Development

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 08:57 -- Umar Farooq

Like other development countries Asian countries are also facing a variety of social problems for which a specific solution is required to trace these problems in a social situation. We have to use the techniques of community development upon its people.

Following are the main aims and objectives of community development:

1. To aware the people.  The main objective of community development is working to make the people aware from various problems in a community. It helps them to provide knowledge and to know about the main causes affects their social life.

2. All sided development. Community program is interested in all aspects of a community. The development is necessary in these places as a whole in education, health, recreation and employment. It seeks the opportunities for the better living standard of the community people. Development is required in all sectors of the community.

3. To motivate people. Programs are working for the motivation of community people. Social organizers are employed in various sectors for their arousal and working for community welfare and betterment of humanity.

4. Provide equality. It gives equality to all people living in a territory. It gives equal chances and opportunities to bring the resources for their utility. So it provides equality in education, health and also other facilities provided to them.

5. Help the people to motivate their selves. Such programs are interested in the people to enable them to help one another and of their own. It makes them to stand on their own feet. They have to use their resources and make their lives comfortable.

6. Change thinking. One of the objectives of community development programs are changing of pattern and style of community people. It gives new directions to the changing life style. It helps to create the acquaintances among them, to following the positive thinking about the people.

7. To bring reforms. Such programs aim to bring social reforms in a community. It helps them in eradication of social evils which are the gross roots of bring social disorder in community. So one of them aim of community development provide them better opportunities to solve the problematic situation through reforms.

8. Social Justice. Social justice is another objective of community development. It provides justice to all types of people. There would be no concept of rich and poor but the programs would be for the utilization of all.

9. Solve community problems. Different problems faced by community people may be solved due to the start of such programs in the effected areas. The community also give hand to government for help them in development and growth.

10. To create interest. These programs are working to create the interest of community welfare among the people. It mobilizes the attitude of people to participate in the collective work for the community development. The motivation of these people is the skill of social organizer working in the areas.

To sum up the discussion abut the aims and objectives of community development to provide basic needs and opportunities to the people.