Scope and Subject Matter of Sociology as Profession and Knowledge

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 09:46 -- Umar Farooq

Simply sociology is the study of society. Our society is web of social institutions. These institutions are interrelated and interlinked with one another. The interest of sociology is to explain these institutions, which is its subject matter. There scope of sociology is very wide while it is a youngest social science in its initial stage. The subject is getting popularity and its importance is increasing day by day. 

The scope and subject matter of sociology has been divided into two divisions.

Sociology in the Field of Knowledge

In this category sociologists involve in the study to become aware of various existing social problems and then on the basis of its knowledge sociologist thinks for the solution of the problems. It is a theoretical study of various social aspects of society. It studies society and nature of man living in it. If gives a scientific knowledge to a researcher to become acquaintance from the changing situation. For this purpose students of this subject are taught research methodology and community development. They seek knowledge and on the basis of its knowledge they show the problematic situation on the screen and want solution and remedies for its eradication. In the field of knowledge, and individual knows about the society and what is going in it. It is helpful for a man to become aware of his role, status and also civilization. It is the study of polishing and broadened the minds of human beings. It gives knowledge about the backwardness of some economic institutions of a society and techniques for the welfare of community.

Sociology in the Field of Profession

In the field of profession sociology has the following categories in which the discipline is very important.

Teaching. The person having the knowledge become aware of the social situation employ in various fields of teaching. They trained the students and transmit knowledge to them which is cultural heritage. The teachers prepare their students for the welfare of community and employ them in different sectors for social work. The subjects and test books of sociology are increasing day by day getting popularity which helps the students as well as the individual and general public to gain more and more knowledge.

Research. Another aspect is sociologists are involved in research in community to solve the problems faced by people. They are expert to eradicate social problem in the prevailing society.

Administration. Sociologist can perform the duty of administrator by engaging in governmental as well as in private sectors as administrator. They guide and help the people to bring awareness among other people of community and society. Sociologists are employed in the following agencies as administrators:

  • Ministry of local government
  • Population census commission
  • Pakistan academy for rural development
  • Social welfare and rural development

Except all the above national agencies researches are also working in international donor agencies like UNDP, UNICF, USAID, WHO, UNHCR etc.