Why Sociology as a Science Discuss

Mon, 02/27/2012 - 09:53 -- Umar Farooq

Before going to why sociology as a science discussion first we will examine that what is science and what are the main features of science, then we will measure all these qualities with the discipline of sociology. If these characteristics were present in sociology, it would be called as science other not.

What is Science

Science is the study of organized and verified knowledge covering both theory and fact, these characteristics are:

Science as Knowledge. Science is a systematic study of knowledge having scientific investigation. It also includes concepts, interrelations between these concept, explanation and prediction on the basis of concepts.

Science as Methods. Scientific methods include hypothesis, observations, verification, re-verification, testing and measurement.

Science as Tool. Techniques or tools, which are very important in the observation and measurement. These tools include microscope, telescope etc which are very exact in psychological sciences and its study.

Sociology is a Science Discussion

Keeping in view the above discussed characteristics of science we will apply these to the discipline of sociology.

Science as Knowledge. Sociology is also its own organized body of knowledge based on concepts, interrelation of those concepts and explanation in the field of sociology. These concepts are community, society, role, status and values. Keeping the explanation the explanation the base sociologists predict human behavior.

Science as Method. Sociology is also having its method of data collection. First a problematic situation is to be observed, then it is forwarded to verification and re-verification. If the data is valid, it would be acceptable to the sociologists otherwise it would be rejected.

Science as a Tool. The sociological tools are very important in social sciences. These include questionnaire, interview schedules, focus group discussions and sampling for data collection.

Why sociology as a science discussion from the above comparison of sociology and science it has been concluded that sociology qualified all the characteristics of science. So we can say that sociology is also a social science. It is my view, if you have your own, must comment.