What is Socialization - Meaning and Definition of Socialization

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What is Socialization in Sociology

When a newly born baby comes to the world, he knows that what are happening in surrounding. An individual becomes a member of society when an individual interacts with other individuals. For living in society an individuals requires some specific methods and techniques to effects his/her social life and become a proper member of society. So, it is the socialization process which molds a baby into a social person of society. When an individual comes to the new world faces many social problems and for which social control is necessary. That individual learns various social norms during his process which bring conformity to these norms.

Socialization is a continuous and life long process till to the end of life. An individual learns language, culture, values, norms, attitudes and behaviors which molds his/her personality and becomes a social-being. This is the only process which a person develops his/her personality and self when an individual interacts with other members of his/her family and community or groups. Individual learns more about culture and they transmit these norms to the next generation.Family is important to the socialization process because their parents affect a child personality a lot. Parents are the source of social indemnity of their children.

Meaning of Socialization

Socialization is a process interacts with others and shape as well as mold his/her personality according to the prescribed norms of a society.

Definitions of Socialization

Following are the some important definitions of socialization by well known sociologists.

1. DMacionis “The life long process by which as individual becomes the proper member of society and develops human characteristics.”

2. Horton and Hunt "It is a learning process in which groups interact and learn social norms also develop his/her self.”

3. Definition of Socialization according to Ogburn: "It is the process of learning the norms of the group and society "

4. Maciver: "It is the process through which social beings develops relationships and association with each other."

5. Bogardus: "A process of learning to live and work together is called socialization."

What are the Functions of Socialization in the Society

  1. It converts humans from biological being to social being
  2. It contributes in personality development
  3. It helps to become disciplined
  4. It helps to perform different roles
  5. It establishes knowledge and skills
  6. It contributes in the stability of social order
  7. It transmits culture from one generation to other
  8. It creates right aspirations in social life


On the basis of the above definitions we can conclude that socialization is a learning process through which an individual adjust himself in society and fine his role and position in society.