Political Philosophy

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Political process includes political leader’s poll Parties and their activities. Following are some of the characteristics of the political process in developing countries. In the developing countries the political sphere is not sharply differentiated from the spheres of social and personal relations.

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Political modernization is regarded as the result of economic development and social mobilization but according to Huntington political modernization containing three more elements in addition to economic development and social mobilization. Political modernization stands for transformation of political culture in response to the changes in social and physical environment.

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Plato and Aristotle have been its great supporters. Plato in his famous book, The Republic, has presented the plan of his ideal republic. This theory was explained in better way by the German philosophers of the 18th and 19th centuries. In this connection we must remember two names, Kant and Hegel political philosophers whose thoughts greatly influenced the German political thinking.

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This Evolutionary theory is also known as sociological or the correct theory of the origin of the state. So long as social sciences had not made any development and it was very difficult to determine the correct theory the origin of the state. The advancement of the fields of history, anthropology and archaeology helped in finding out various forces and factors responsible for the creation of the state.

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While discussing the origin of the state, Aristotle mentions the institution of slavery. He finds slavery essential to a households and defends it natural and therefore, moral. It was rampant in his own time and regarded as part and parcel of national domestic economy. He justifies slavery on the grounds that there is natural inequality between men, there is natural rule of the superior over inferiors and hence the functions must be based on nature

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Plato introduces a new social order in which the ailing class in his Ideal State surrenders both its family and property rights for the sake of unity and integrity and the State.

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Plato wanted to bring to an end the prevailing degenerate conditions and political selfishness rampant in Athens, in order to save his beloved Athens from decay and ruin. He saw in justice the only panacea of saying Athens from degradation and decay and propounded his theory of justice.

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Plato believed that the state could promote justice and right action and prevent crime by a proper system or education. His education scheme is compulsory; state regulated and is meant for both the sexes. Plato wanted to exclude incompetent persons from holding political Offices in the state and enabling the wisest and the best to rule for the common good.

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Below are the some points which elaborate critical evaluation of Plato ideal state, Theoretical concept of Plato State, Self-contradictory and Half Communism, Functional Specialization, Education System of Plato Ideal State, Concept of Justice, Rule of Philosophy

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Plato Ideal State is based on the following principles or features, Plato State is Functional Specialization, Plato System of Education, Justice in Plato Ideal State, Dominance of Philosophy, Monarchy is the Best form of Government, Communism, Ban on Arts & Literature, Sexual Equality