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doctrine of u.s constitution separation of powers
Post date: 08/02/2013 - 02:55

One of the most important features of the American constitution is separation of powers. The constitution clearly states that all legislative, executive and judicial powers are vested in the Senate, President and the Supreme Court respectively. There is no other constitution in the world in which the demarcation of the three wings of administration is so clear.

the american constitution
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Like other federal constitutions in the world, the American constitution is written in form. It is a brief document consisting of only 7 Articles and 27 Amendments. Indeed it was a skeleton constitution since the framers of the constitution left the details to be filled in by the Acts of the Congress. It has been adequately clothed with conventions, customs, judicial decisions and legislative measures.

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Analytical jurisprudence is "to analyze and direct to law of the lad as it is" means as it exist in the present times. This analysis as to the principles of law is done without reference to their historical chain or their ethical significance. It study "the dogmas or exposition of the abstract

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One restriction is imposed by the character of the body itself, which exercises the sovereign power. A sovereign Hindu ruler will never order the slaughtering of cows just as a Muslim ruler will never abolish Islam from the state.

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Sovereignty of the British Parliament is an important feature of the British Constitutional system. The struggle between the King and the Parliament was finally decided by the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which was further reinforced by the Act of Settlement (1701).

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Constitutional conventions are not recognized by judicial courts. So the question arises: Why are they so scrupulously, obeyed by all concerned? Dicey says that conventions are obeyed because they are so linked up with the laws of the land that their breach will ultimately lead to the breach of the laws.

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It is not possible to make a complete list of the conventions of British constitution. The following are some of the important conventions of UK constitution. Conventions Regarding the Queen, Conventions Regarding Cabinet and Conventions Regarding the Parliament

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Constitutional conventions are political traditions or constitutional understandings or practices forming an essential part or a constitution, but are not law in the strict sense of term because the courts enforce a law while conventions are not taken notice of by the courts and are not enforced by them.