Merits, Benefits and Advantages of Unitary State or Government

Sun, 02/10/2013 - 06:05 -- Umar Farooq

Advantages of Unitary Form of Government

Following are the merits and advantages of Unitary State

Unitary System is Strong and Powerful

Unitary system is strong and powerful as compared to the federal set-up. Central government strongly controls all the state affairs with a unified command. It saves the country from breakage and maintains its integrity, solidarity and prestige. This system causes national integration. All powers belong to a single central government.

Simple Form of Government

In unitary form of government, foreign policy, internal policy and national defence policy are handled easily. It is a simple system, where there are no complications. This system saves time and all the affairs and issues are dealt easily and rapidly. Government is to work with confidence.

Uniform Laws

Because of a central unified command, all kinds of laws, administrative policies and functions are uniform throughout the state and there is no any sort of tension and disturbance within the state. Single government runs state administration with single and unified command. People never agitate for the laws are uniform in the entire country.

Simple Structure

Unitary system is very simple in organization or structure because there is a single administrative system throughout the state. There is central legislature, executive and judiciary that are easily understandable. In federation, structure of the system is very complicated and expensive because of two different sets of governments. Unitary system is based on the principle of single administration that is cheap and can easily be dealt.

Less Expensive

In unitary form of government there is no large number of legislators and ministers and there is no upper house and provincial assemblies therefore expenditures of these institutions are almost nil. This system is not a burden on the national treasury. Its expenses are less and output is more.

Unitary Form of Government is Flexible System

Another advantages of unitary system, the constitution is always flexible that may be amended according to changing conditions and needs. The constitution can easily be amended so, its natural evolution is preserved. A system adopted according to the need of time and people desires, remains stable and successful. The constitutions of Great Britain and Islamic Republic of Iran are flexible.