Matriarchal Theory of State Origin

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 10:26 -- Umar Farooq

Matriarchal Theory of State

The Matriarchal theory of state is very old. There are many people who support this theory. There was a time in human history when there was no system of permanent marriage and family. At that time people were still in the hunting stage of human civilization. People lived in-groups. The life was dependent on the fruits and hunting animals. When two groups were met, there would be union between a man and woman. After this the groups separated, children born as a result of this union did not know their fathers and their mothers. So, all relationships and descent were traced through the mother. At this stage people were still leading a nomadic life. So there was no concept of private property. In this way population increased and finally people got settled and radical changes took place as a result of which Matriarchal society changed into Patriarchal society and the state was born.

Even today we find traces of Matriarchal Society among the ancient people of Australia, Malaya, Indonesia, Madagascar and Red Indians of North America.

Criticism of Matriarchal Theory of State

The matriarchal theory of state explains partially the pre-history of man. It explains that pre-nature society was very simple. It only explains the origin of the society and not sufficient to explain the origin and development of the state.