What is Crime - Definition and Historical Background of Crime

Sun, 03/04/2012 - 07:28 -- Umar Farooq

Definition of Crime

Crime is an act or omission, forbidden and punishable at law since unsafe to the human beings living in society and special course of actions and procedures are provided in law to punish lawbreaker.

What is Crime

Crime is an act of violence and aggression against not only an individual but also against society as a whole. The act or omission is the subject of criminal proceedings, it being a criminal offence. Since it is an offence against the state, the state is responsible for the sentence of the lawbreaker and this is all the most necessary for the purposes of maintaining peace and order in the society.

Crimes are the act which are prohibited by State and have sanction of punishment behind them.

Historical Background of Crime

Crime is inevitable in any human society around the globe. It is interrelated with human society and is a primary concern of every human being. It is as old as the human society itself.

It takes place out of the social contracts of individuals where rules of conduct is over looked and in critical violations, the violation was termed as crime and society undertook to punish the criminal since it was the duty of the society to protect the society. 

When men started living in groups and afterward in communities or tribes. They made some rules to control conduct of member of groups. With the passage of time the population of these groups or tribes increased and converted into large societies or nations.  Those rules and regulations which were implemented the heads of tribe were automatically transferred to States of Governments. Governments setup separate law enforcement agencies to deal with criminals and punish them.  Being members of the society every member has some rights and these rights were to be protected by States and Governments.

The well-known sociologists Richard Quinney gave his own opinion about the relationship of crime and society. According to Richard Quinney it is a social phenomenon, basically he predicts that how human beings in society commit a it and how society as a whole perceive it, depends on societal norms.