What is Ethics | Relationship between Jurisprudence and Ethics

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 09:07 -- Umar Farooq

What is Ethics

Ethics is the science of human conduct in the society. Ethics in any society deals with the members of any society how they behaved, how they are behaving and how they should behave. It is ethics which provide the rules of best human conduct and is divided into two branches:

  1. The ideal moral code
  2. The positive moral code

The ideal moral code is conduct is relates with natural law, the law which is not been legislated or manmade but is enshrine in the hearts of people in society which are unchanged and remain true in the future. The positive moral code deals rule of actual conduct as displayed in any society at certain time.Such rules of positive morality, being based on public opinion of a specific society, necessarily change with the men, places in the society.

Jurisprudence and Ethics

What we consider good in any society at certain time it may be bad at another time with the same society or nation. In any society it is not necessary that all people are ideal therefore some laws are required for the enforcement of certain rules of human conduct. Positive ethics is not reliant on volunteer conduct of good people in a society but stands in need of forcible law for the public consciences. Ethical jurisprudence inspects the conduct of human beings and recommends amendments if any required in the present law. So we can easily relate the jurisprudence with positive ethics.