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The purpose of educational evaluation is to make a judgment about the quality or worth of something an educational programme, worker performance or proficiency or students attainments.

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In our daily life we attribute certain words to a specific person, like honest, aggressive, dull, intelligent etc. These attributes are commonly called traits. So every person has his/her own unique traits or attributes.

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Islamic history is full of many examples of services rendered by Muslim women to knowledge. Following are some of contribution of muslim women, which shows the importance of women education in islam.

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Arabia, the cradle of Islam, is a vast peninsula in the South West of Asia. It is the largest peninsula in the world and one of the driest countries of the globe. Arabia occupies a unique position on the map of the Old World.

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Islam is the first religion which acknowledges and secures all of the fundamental rights of women as daughter, sister, mother and wife. Following are the Hadiths, which indicates the indiscriminate and fair treatment of females in their right of access to education.

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The following guidelines can help educators to cope and deal with individual differences, Knowledge of Individual Personality, Adjustment in Curriculum, Adjustment of Method of Teaching and individualizing instructions

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Importance of science as a school subject is necessary for each member of a society. In order to make effective decisions in personal, civic and national affaires, the citizen must have some knowledge of the process and product by which he is fed and clothed, entertained and inspired and defended from the enemies (foreign of domestic).

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There are five key elements of curriculum development , according to  Tyler “it is essential as a part of comprehensive theory of organization to show just what are the elements will serve satisfactory as organizing elements.” According to Herrick and Tyler, following are the components and elements of curriculum development