Post date: 02/20/2013 - 00:11

When a thinker thinks about the educational problems and forwards his opinion about the same, he becomes a ‘philosopher’. It means that whenever a philosophical thinking is executed in the educational issues and concepts; and philosophical method is adopted ‘educational philosophy’ or “philosophy of education” comes into existence.

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The followings are the main features and characteristics of emotions, Emotional Experiences are Associated with Some Instinct or Biological Drives For example you get angry or worried because of something. All this is biological and instinctive emotional reactions.

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Emotion is the all around state of the organism marked by increased bodily activity and strong feelings directed to some subject. One of the basic aims of education is to develop a sound and stable personality of an individual in order to enable him or her to live healthy social life.

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The main difference between evaluation and measurement may be explained with the help of following examples. A teacher measures Mr. Aslam's height to be 180cm He evaluates-his height when he says that he is long.

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Evaluation is integrated with the entire task of education and not only with examinations, tests and measurements. Evaluation encompasses tests and measurement but also gives beyond them. It depends upon measurement but is not synonymous with it.

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The term "Educational Measurement" refers to any device for the general study and practice of testing, scaling, and appraising the outcomes of educational process. It includes administration and scoring or tests, scale construction, validation and standardization

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Evaluation is based two philosophies one, traditional philosophy is that ability to learn is randomly distributed in the general population. It means that if some learning task is assigned to a class and then a test is administered to study their performance.

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Educational Evaluation is broader in scope and more objective than educational measurement. It is the process of carefully appraising the individual form a variety of information giving device. Resides testing and other tools of measurement, evaluation seeks additional evidences