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Students assessment is mastery of what is being or has been taught is indispens­able to good teaching and is frequently an integral part of instructional procedures. Such a statement as "Doing these exercises will give you an opportunity to see how well you can read and interpret tables" illustrates the close relationship between instruction and evaluation.

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The social and psychological conditions under which we all live today have minimized. The role of a teacher as national builder, it is of basic importance that teacher should be good specimen of our culture they should be divide to the ideas that characterized the purpose at their best. They should sure these ideas effectively.

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Aristotle is the disciple of Plato and the tutor of Alexander the Great. Aristotle is well known scientist and philosopher. When Alexander became the king of Macedonia, Aristotle established his own school lyceum in Athens. His view about the aim of education was different from that of his predecessors Socrates and Plato.

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Plato's first stage of education is up to seven years of child's life. At this stage children should be educated by their mother or nurse in the house. The adults should tell them good moral tales to have good impressions on their minds. Up to the age of six, children of both the sexes may play together. After this age, they should be separated.

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According to Plato, education is for the good of the individual and for the safety of the state. The aim of education, according to Plato, is the welfare of both the individual and the society. His guiding principle is that, "Nothing must be admitted in education which does not conduce to the promotion of virtue. Moreover, Plato's treatment of education in the "Laws" is different

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Before investigating any area of human endeavour, it is wise to examine the basic beliefs, which have brought the efforts into existence. So, with a study of the curriculum, we should first identify the ideas and ideals held by our society that have shaped the high 'school-curriculum.

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Science is a human enterprise through which we come to some understanding of the biological, chemical and physical aspects of the world around. The development of concepts is an essential part of learning and building up the ideas about the scientific aspects of the world is the business of science education. In attempting to understand something new, scientists use existing ideas and test the extent to which they fit the evidence from the new situation.

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Students and staff can all find assessment very boring. The following set of suggestions may serve as a menu from which you can choose, to add variety and even fun to your assessment. Select those choices that you feel are appropriate to your working context and method of teaching.