Traditional and Modern Concept of Curriculum in Education

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 02:31 -- Umar Farooq

Concepts of Curriculum

There are two concepts of curriculum

  1. Traditional Concept of Curriculum
  2. Modern Concept of Curriculum

Traditional Concept of Curriculum

In the past the second name of curriculum was "course of studies". This term was considered to be a program related to various subjects only. However, the terms "Curriculum" and "courses of studies" were, sometimes interchangeable but used in a very limited sense. As a matter of fact, this viewpoint was a static-view which emphasized only the text-book knowledge or factual information. In those it was correct because the main objective of education was to help the learner to memorize the contents.

Furthermore, curriculum was a body of preserved factual knowledge to be transmitted from the teacher to the pupils and mastered by them through memorization, recitation and drill; and to be reproduced on the demand of the teacher.

Modern Concept of Curriculum

With the passage of time and refinement of mind the traditional concept of curriculum (which was limited in scope) was replaced by a dynamic and modern concept. Hence, it is now considered to be a broad cumulative and comprehensive term including all the curricular and co-curricular activities. It is the totality of all the learning activities to which we are exposed during study, i.e. class room experiences, laboratory, library, play grounds, school building, study tours, associations with parents and community. Now, it is more than the text -books and more than the subject matter selected for a particular class.

In short, curriculum is a series of potential experiences, set up in educational institutions for the reason of disciplining the learners in desirable ways of thinking of the concerned society. It is a path by following which we can reach a specified destination. Furthermore, it is considered to be a series of learning opportunities which are planned and carried out by a teacher and pupils working together.