Briefly Explain the Features and Characteristics of Emotions

Mon, 02/18/2013 - 08:51 -- Umar Farooq

Characteristics of Emotions

The followings are the main features and characteristics of emotions:

Emotional Experiences are Associated with Some Instinct or Biological Drives

For example you get angry or worried because of something. All this is biological and instinctive emotional reactions.

Emotions Bring Change

That change many be physical, psychological. Like change of face color, blood pressure, nervousness etc.

Emotions are Temporary in Nature

For example when you get angry or feel happy etc. That lasts for a specific period, when emotions get prolonged that becomes a kind of illness.

Emotions are in Every Living Organism, whether that is human and animal etc.

Emotions are Aroused by Stimulus

Stimulus are found in environment .So the better the environment, the better emotionally balance will be a person. Advertisements industry uses stimulus to arise the specific kind of emotional feelings.

Emotions are Subject to Displacement

For example, when you get angry at someone, you may release anger on some one else. That is displacement of emotions from one place to another.

Children’s Cannot Hide Their Emotions

That is why they are emotional in their relationship. That is important factor which must be noted by the educators.

Emotions Give Rise to Emotions

For example when you give feeling of love, affection or care to someone. In response you are likely to get the same response.