What is Emotional Development, Meaning, Definition & Nature of Emotions

Mon, 02/18/2013 - 02:00 -- Umar Farooq

What is Emotional Development

One of the basic aims of education is to develop a sound and stable personality of an individual in order to enable him or her to live healthy social life. In this regard emotional development plays vital role in the social life of a person. A person with emotional soundness proves to be useful and lead a happy and peaceful life as against a person who is emotionally disturbed. So education by educators, parents and guardians of a child, enables student to become emotionally sound and productive individual for a society.

Literal Meaning of Emotional Development

The word emotion has been taken from Latin word “emovere” which means to stir up or agitate or to excite.

Definition of Emotional Development

“Emotions are a moved or stirred up state of feeling that is the way it appears to the individual itself. It is a disturbed muscular and glandular activity that’s why it appears to an external observer.”  R.S. Wood Worth

“Emotion is the all around state of the organism marked by increased bodily activity and strong feelings directed to some subject.” Kimball Young

The Nature of Emotions

According to William McDougall emotion is instinctive behavior which has the following aspects:


 That is when you come to know about some thing and you perceive the likelihood.


That is when you feel something like fear, happiness, or the likely impacts. 


That is when you take action on the basis of above two factors. For example, when you see a dog and perceive about the likelihood (cognitive). You feel fear or other kinds of feelings (Affective). When you fear you take a action and runaway (conative).