Relationship between Measurement and Evaluation

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 08:33 -- Umar Farooq

Relationship between Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation is integrated with the entire task of education and not only with examinations, tests and measurements. Evaluation encompasses tests and measurement but also gives beyond them. It depends upon measurement but is not synonymous with it.

Measurement is a quantitative determination of hew much an individual's performance has been while evaluation is a qualitative judgment of how good or how satisfactory an individual's performance.

Measurement describes a situation while evaluation judges its worth or value.

Measurement is only a tool to be used in evaluation by itself, it is meaningless but without it evaluation is likely to be of little significance.

Sound evaluation is based upon the results of accurate and relevant measurement, It is also to be remembered that not all uses of test or measurement in education can be considered evaluation for evaluation is always in the light of some particular goal, purpose or value.

Evaluation is a comprehensive and continuous process which covers every aspect of an individual’s achievement in the educative program. It is an integral part of education in which students and teachers are partners, it signifies a wider students and teachers are partners it signifies a wider process of judging students’ progress, in various aspects. Measurement on the other hand implies only a precise quantitative assessment of instructional outcome.

Evaluation is not only quantitative but also qualitative and includes value judgment.

Evaluation is not only quantitative but also qualitative and includes value judgment. Mathematically it may be said that Evaluation Measurement (quantitative description of students’ achievements) +qualitative description of student abilities +value judgment about students achieves and abilities.