Personality Traits, Definition &Types of Personality Traits

Tue, 01/29/2013 - 08:26 -- Umar Farooq

In our daily life we attribute certain words to a specific person, like honest, aggressive, dull, intelligent etc. These attributes are commonly called traits. So every person has his/her own unique traits or attributes.

Personally Traits Definition

Traits have been defined by psychologists in various senses:

  1. A trait of personality means such a distinctive characters of a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions so as to make the individual different from other persons.
  2. Traits possess some important characteristics such as sociability, flexibility, functional unity. Traits are mental sets, which are learned.
  3. Traits are any distinguishable ways in which one individual differs from other.

Types of Personality Traits

The following are five personality traits, which make one person different from other


This trait includes characteristics such as excitability, sociability, a talkativeness, high emotional expressiveness, friendly, like to work with others, not easily embarrassed etc


This includes attributes like kindness, affection, trust and other pro social behaviors.


This includes high level of thoughtfulness, with good impulse control and goal directed behaviors. They are organized and mindful of details


This includes emotional instability, anxiety, moodiness and sadness.


This trait features are such as imagination, insight. This trait persons have a broad rang of interests.

Analysis of Personality Traits

We have discussed about traits, and various dimensions of traits. These traits make a person unique against others. This is also true that the combination and interaction of various traits combination forms a personality, that in unique to each individual.

Education’s main focus is on to discover the hidden potential in a student, and make him/her the most social able and useful person for the society. So education is mainly directed to make a balanced personality of a student, by eliminating negative attributes from his personality and inducting positive personality traits, which is to get useful citizens.