Who is a Teacher, The Role of Teacher

Thu, 09/20/2012 - 09:14 -- Umar Farooq

Who is a Teacher

Teacher is th one who acts as a filed worker in the educational programme. It is the teacher who has to make the programme successful or failure. Teacher role is, therefore very vital one, in order to make him capable of fulfilling his role he is in need of orientation of the educational programme and also he needs knowledge and insight about the subject matter. He is entrusted to impart to the pupils under his charge. Not only that but he but he has to be insight about the pupils to whom it teaching and training. It is therefore, become imperative to see what is the role that teacher has to play and how he could play it.

The Role of Teacher

Teacher holds the key position without his efficiency, loyalty and sincerity no educational plan could bring out any fruitful resutls. A part from this teacher personality has the ever lasting influence upon the minds of the learner. As it has been rightly mentioned that: "A good teacher is a powerful and abiding influence in the formation of character".

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So, it becomes obvious that the teacher has to build the character of his pupils. It is therefore said that teacher is the maker of man. The teachers pivoted role has been expressed by Harry Rivilin as:

"The loftiest expressions of educational ideals, the most carefully planned curriculum, the most lavish array of educational supplies and equipment, the most ingenious plans of school admissions all of these add up to little if class room teachers are inert, unsympathetic or incompetent."

It appears that teacher must know curriculum, he must know how to use equipment wisely; and how to carry on the educational programme to achieve its aims and objectives.

Apart from this his fundamental role is to teach. This role demands the teacher to know two things

  1. Knowledge
  2. The child

He must first possess a wise general knowledge and within the confines of this general knowledge, a sound understanding of the subject he will be called upon to teach in the classroom. Secondly but equally important he must have a profound knowledge of children".