Scope of Philosophy of Education

Thu, 09/06/2012 - 23:34 -- Umar Farooq

What is the Scope of Philosophy of Education

The Scope of philosophy of education is unlimited. The formulation of aims and the objectives of education is the main responsibility of educational philosophy. For achieving the set objectives, specific curriculum and specific methods are needed. For example, if the object of education is the development of the personality of the learner, such methods should be applied which help in the attainment of this goal. If it is agreed that the aim of education is 'the progress in agriculture and industry', courses related to these fields must be included in the curriculum. Thus the plans and policies of education, the choice of subjects for a suitable curriculum, the textbooks the employment of methods of teaching, and the tone of discipline required are all influenced by the philosophy of education. Philosophy of education occupies a central place in the philosophical thoughts. 

John Dewey and Philophy of Education

Dewey, in fact, once suggested that philosophy might even be defined as the "general theory of education". Obviously, teachers need to be prepared to defend what they are doing. They develop their own philosophy they need some knowledge of the philosophical thoughts. If, in the words of John Dewey, education is a process of development of all those capacities in the individual which enable him to control his environment, questions arise as:

  • What conditions are favorable to the perfect growth of capacities?
  • How can we avoid any danger of misdirection towards wrong ends?
  • What is the criterion for the educational worth of an experience?
  • The aim of education in Islam is to produce noble persons. What is meant noble in the qualities of his knowledge skills and habits?

To sum up the topic "Scope of Philosophy of Education", all such questions can be answered in their philosophical perspectives. It is philosophy that provides a solution to these problems. Thus the scope of education is unlimited.