Pavlov Classical Conditioning Theory & Its Educational Implications

Fri, 06/29/2012 - 12:51 -- Umar Farooq

Pavlovs Classical Conditioning Theory

Pavlovs classical conditioning theory considers learning as habit formation and is based on the principle of association and substitution. It is simply stimulus-response type of learning where in place of a natural stimulus like food, water, and sexual contact etc. the artificial stimulus like sound of a bell, sight of the light of a definite color etc. can evoke a natural response. When both the artificial or neutral stimulus­ (ringing of the bell) and natural stimulus (food) are brought together, several times, the dog becomes habituated or conditioned to response to this situation. There becomes perfect association between the types of stimuli presented together.

As a result, after some time natural stimulus can be substituted or replaced by an artificial stimulus and this artificial stimulus is able to evoke the natural response.

Pavlovs Classical Conditioning Theory & Educational Implications

Following are the some of the educational implications of pavlov classical conditioning theory

1. Fear, love, and hatred towards specific subjects are created through conditioning. For example a Maths teacher with his or her defective method of teaching and improper behavior in the classroom may be disliked by Learners. The Learners develop hatred towards Maths due to teacher's behavior.

2. The good method and kind treatment a teacher can bring desirable impacts upon the Learners. The Learners may like the boring subject because of teacher's role.

3. In teaching A.V.Aids role is very vital .When a teacher want to teach a cat. He or she shows the picture of the cat along with the spellings. When teacher shows picture at the same time he or she spell out the spellings, after a while when only picture is shown and the Learners spell the word cat.

4. Pavlovs classical conditioning theory can be used for developing good habits and elimination of bad ones and various kinds of phobias can be controlled through it.