Aims and Objectives of Education, Objectives of Islamic Education

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 08:25 -- Umar Farooq

Every social activity should have specific aims and objectives. There are also some basic aims and objectives of education. Education changes as per the changing needs within the society the aims and objectives also changes time to time in the same society.

Aims and Objectives of Education

There are some basic and general aims and objectives of education in society which are as follows:

1. Good Citizens

The basic  aims of education system is to have useful and good citizens, who can be beneficial for society. Education develops in a person the following basic social qualities:

  • To respect the law; 
  • To respect the customs and tradition;
  • To know his/her rights and duties;
  • To earn his /her livelihood in an honest way;
  • To be emotionally and mentally sound person.

2. Cultural Aims and Objectives of Education

Education is the medium through which the cultural traditional social and religious values of the past are transferred to the next generation. Our education system is transferring the Islamic cultural and religious values, which include Quran and hadith and other related literature and the practical life style of our holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The same is about other states and religions, who want to transfer their cultures to the next generation.

3. Education as Social Change Agent

Education is very powerful social change agent through which a particular society’s social, religious, and political setups are changed. If there exists some out dated cultural values, formal and informal education is carried out in order to bring the desired change. Which ultimately leads to social change?

4. To Explore the New Dimensions of Science and Matter

Now-a-days, especially in the developed societies the main aim of education is to enable an individual and society to explore the new ideas. And have more and more information about the material world so as to give more and more facilities to the public.

Aims and Objectives of Islamic Education

Islam is a very dynamic and practical religion which is totally different from other religions of the world. Islam wants a very active and dynamic person in the social order. The objectives of Islamic education for a individual and society are as follows:

  • The basic aim of Islamic education is to enable a Muslim to have basic information that how to pray, fast, etc and what are the basic information in order to live an honorable life.
  • Islam wants a person should be mentally, physically, and socially sound one in order to live a healthy life. Islam wants spiritually a balanced Muslim who can maintain balance between religious and social activities.
  • Islam wants in a Muslim to have great love for Islam and be ready for all kind of sacrifices for Islam.
  • One of the aims of Islamic education is to develop in a person the spirit of Muslim brotherhood and tolerance so that he/she could live harmonious life in society.
  • Islam wants a fully informed person about social, political, and economic affairs of the contemporary world in order to play his/her role in collective affairs.
  • Islam wants to bring simple life style in a person and society in order to avoid luxury.

Education is directed for specific purposes and aims, these aims and objectives of education vary from society to society, nation to nation, space to space and time to time. But the main aims and objectives of education system is to get a suitable and well informed person for social roles and to enable a person to live happy and successful life.