What is Student Assessment, Types of Student Assessment

Sat, 01/14/2012 - 08:43 -- Umar Farooq

What is Students Assessment

Students assessment is mastery of what is being or has been taught is indispens­able to good teaching and is frequently an integral part of instructional procedures. Such a statement as "Doing these exercises will give you an opportunity to see how well you can read and interpret tables" illustrates the close relationship between instruction and evaluation.

Some evaluative procedures, however, such as standardized (and other) tests designed to measure pupil achievement at any particular time, are less easily identified with instruction.

Types of Student Assessment

Following are the four types of students assessment

  • Informal or Non-Standardized
  • Norm-referenced or Standardized
  • Criterion-referenced Test
  • Process Oriented

The first part is concerned with informal (non-standardized) assessment procedures and devices. The second part is concerned with norm-referenced (standardized) assessment instruments. The third part with criterion-referenced tests; and the fourth with process-oriented, or holistic assessment. By knowing what the child needs, the teacher will know what to teach. Teachers must assess pupils frequently to detect the ongoing changes in their achievement. They must not consider assessment a once- or twice-a-year practice.

Among kinds of students assessment procedures that a teacher will find useful are diagnosing specific reading skills on a day-by-day basis as reading instruction proceeds, determining the appropriate level of reading instruction for each individual in a class, estimating each student's potential reading level, and assessing general reading achievement and areas of strengths and weaknesses in a class.